Friday, October 12, 2012

My character this year.

I am Rene Couteau, the scion of my family line. My grandfather helped found St. Louis. I enjoy our city's rivalry with Chicago.

Slugs Archon LARP 2012

The setting this year is the 1904 World's Fair. More on this once I get back to a real computer.

Briefing Meeting

Here we are getting ready to get characters.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Archon 2011 Wrap-Up

I had a good time this year. I played the Duke of Wellington, you know, the guy that defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. I was the highest ranking English PC and the de-facto lead negotiator. I negotiated away British Columbia to the Americans in return for cash for the crown, Russian pressure on Japan and a little slice of the pie for my estate. Too bad I never got to cash in. Riots consumed London and I was assassinated by a jockey. Never trust the Russians.

I did win a nice prize for "Best Aristocrat", a book, The Long, Cold Walk to Mars and a nice print of some pirates talking about what appears to be a spyglass. I guess my sweet mutton-chops, prop cigar and older gentleman slow manner of speaking won the judges over.

Notes from Archon 2011 Game

Here are my notes as I typed them into my iPhone for the game:

Cmadore Hastings navy
Commander Charles wilmore. Anti templar brother Langdon colefield

Vladimir alexandrov
Aston drake USA

Sir Marc isambard Brunel. Rival
Henry plowen eitc

Cabal pure thought bad religion

Dr tutor.

Langdon colefield veteran brother of charles wilmore

Bray newspaper Coventry herald

Tracery fletchers satirist man of god.

Americans give a private domain in what I cede.

Panggoon disks are from

Dickens in employ of supernatural

Natalie James is behind the riots

Sevrin. English

Broley stole a painting from dr Tudor. Grayson wants painting.

Sister frost bad religion

M a Evans. Sedition.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Pre-Archon Thursday Night

We had a good time Thursday night at the Doubletree. The world tour of beverages was fun. Nice to hang out in the courtyard until they kicked us out into the lobby.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

SLUGS 2011 Archon LARP

Here is the description for this year's Archon SLUGS LARP:

Tower Trouble

"Setting London 1840 World of Darkness/Steampunk. Treachery is at every path. If it isn't rioting, its robbery or worse!. Kind gentlemen, it is all compounded by the appearance of foreigners from both the East and the Colonies. Certainly odd times indeed! Why are you being followed? Why are they interested? Be quick or you may end up dead my friend! Friday - briefing begins at 7pm and game starts at 8pm. Saturday -Role play can begin around 9pm but officials may not be fully in place until 9:30pm (masquerade). Event fee $10."

I think its exiting to involve Steampunk as a theme given its current popularity.

2010 LARP Recap

I was corrupt and also on the outs with those with money to burn. I was killed by a paid assassin after my character was slandered in the paper. Sad times for me, needed more foot soldiers.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Character for 2010

I will be playing Charles H. Kline, Mayor of Pittsburgh. Am I corruptible? You'll have to ask to find out...

Archon 2010 Thursday Night

Nothing to report. No parties, few people. No one I know that well at least.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sheraton Hotel Layout

Here is a link to the lobby and meeting room maps for the Sheraton. Link Be sure to click on the 'next' link to see the lower level. I wonder how much will be in bounds?

Archon 34 (2010) Game: 3 Rivers Showdown

Here is the description for this year's game,

"Setting 1927 Pittsburg PA. The Step City is one of the few places that the G-men don't seem to care about. There are reasons for this but they may not be what you think. The Italians that live uptown would like a bigger piece of the 3 Rivers but the Irish who constantly have to literally look up to them from Downtown aren't really happy about it. There is money to be made and power to be taken but why is it that when someone makes a 'play' they seem to disappear? One time event fee $10. Manditory meeting at 7:20 pm in the Sheraton Chalet Basel room. This event is a quad session game. Includes Session 3, 4, 7 and 8"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Archon 2010

This year's Archon has a new location. It will be held at the Sheratons at Westport. I've reserved a room there and look forward to this year's game.